Tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements


The individual versions of the Virtual Presenter Room are customized according to the customer's specific requirements, which includes a personalized configuration of the functions, interfaces and designs. In contrast, the standard version of the Virtual Presenter Room offers ready-made functions and settings. This enables optimal use of the platform, seamless integration into existing systems and greater efficiency in performing desired functions.

Modular building blocks

The individual versions of the Virtual Presenter Room can be expanded with additional functions and modules to meet the specific requirements of the customer. This enables the platform to be flexibly adapted to constantly changing needs and requirements. In addition to special API connections with other software such as Teams functions or conference tools, complete systems can also be integrated into an automated process.

Layout and design

The structure and design of each room is created directly according to the customer's wishes. This includes the color scheme, typography, visual elements and the general aesthetic design of the virtual room. Our designers work closely with you to ensure that the look and feel of the Virtual Presenter Room matches your ideas and brand guidelines.

Adaptation and implementation

The process of customizing and implementing an individual version of the VPR begins with a thorough analysis of the customer's requirements and wishes. Based on this information, the platform is configured and implemented accordingly, with regular
Coordination and feedback loops take place to ensure that the solution meets the customer's expectations.

Support and extensions

Customers using a customized version of the VPR receive comprehensive support from our team of experts who assist with implementation, training and maintenance of the platform. We are always available to our customers to ensure they can realize the full potential of the VPR.


Our unique platform allows you to expand your space with modular building blocks, creating a solution that is perfectly tailored to you and your business.
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