Virtual Presenter Room

The Virtual Presenter Room allows the user to conduct presentations in an interactive 3D room and use a variety of tools. The Virtual Presenter Room serves as a media hub and control center for all...
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Direct access via download link | Extensions are offered via separate packages.
Languages: DE / EN
The Virtual Presenter Room will offer extensions, upgrades and room options in the future. All extensions are automatically included in the LITE, BASIC and PRO subscription models.

The Virtual Presenter Room is an application that allows the user to conduct presentations in a 3D room and use a variety of interactive tools. The user can project themselves into the room via the existing webcam and use the media integration tools to share their screens simultaneously, play videos, integrate web browsers, display Power Point or PDF presentations in the room or simply invite live guests into the virtual room. All media sources and webcams or capture systems are recorded at a full 60 frames per second and can be displayed simultaneously in the Virtual Presenter Room. Simple multi-screen sharing without the hassle of screen sharing!

The Virtual Presenter Room serves as a media hub and control center for all imaginable video conferences, recordings or live streams. The integrated video functions allow the user to use the output of the Virtual Presenter Room as a virtual webcam and thus to transmit it to all common video conferencing systems such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, Big Blue Button, etc. or for the live stream directly to YouTube, Kick or Twitch.
In addition, the Virtual Presenter Room can be connected to existing OBS or Streamlabs setups in terms of input and output.

A professional keyer is available for isolating users via green screen, as well as a quick-key function for quickly isolating users and guests.

  • Virtual platform

    Version VPR Standalone

  • Number of simultaneous registrations

    Single Seat

  • Number of available rooms

    6 different environments

  • Virtual cameras

    6 Fixed camera positions

    Free camera control

  • Media Input

    Webcam & Capture Systems

    PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

    Microsoft Office (PP, Excel, Word, Paint)

    Video player (VLC) & photo viewer

    Web browser (Chrome / Edge / FireFox / Opera)

    Video conference (Zoom / Teams)

    Miro Boards

    1 x NDI Input (Streams / iPhone / iPad etc.)

  • ChromaKey

    3 x Quick Key Function

    3 x Green Screen Key Webcam / Capture & NDI Webcam

  • interaction

    Change room design

    Laser pointer

    Camera Zoom In/Out

    Sticky Notes

    Freely movable webcam windows

  • Stream Outputs

    Virtual webcam with output settings (720 60p & 1080 60p)

    NDI Output with output settings (SD 60p / 720 60p & 1080 60p)

  • Operating system

    Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit)

  • Processor

    Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5

  • RAM

    8GB RAM

  • Graphics card

    DirectX11 compatible graphics card with 4GB VRAM (e.g. GTX 960M laptop)

  • Green Screen

    Green screen background or corresponding webcam application for digital background removal

  • To test the compatibility of the software with your PC, simply download the demo of the desired version.

    If you find that your hardware does not meet all requirements or that an upgrade makes sense, we will be happy to offer you comprehensive advice on suitable hardware bundles and special solutions.

Video Input

Automatic detection of webcams and video capture systems.

Media Input

Media integration of videos, websites, text documents, PDFs, video conferences and much more


Intuitive, user-friendly operation through on-screen elements via mouse and keyboard.

Video Output

Output of various video streams through virtual webcams, video over IP or capture systems.


Live interaction with digital content, virtual elements and guests.


Change the space, presentation and structure using different templates.


Choose from six different environments